About Marriott Timeshares

Here you can learn all about Marriott Timeshares.  Like a majority of great business ventures, was started out of necessity by J. Willard Marriott’s wife Alice in 1927. She opened a root beer stand in Washington D.C. The idea was thought up during the hot summer days in D.C. Mrs. Marriott thought the city needed a place to get a nice cool drink. After having a successful venture in root beer they expanded their business into a chain of hotels and restaurants.

Arlington, VAis the home of the longest operating Marriott. The Key Bridge Marriott celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2009. The real growth of the Marriott brand is due to their son, who took their initial idea and expanded into entrepreneurial markets unthinkable in 1927. JW Marriott Jr. is the current Chairman and CEO.

JW Marriott led his family brand to extravagant worldwide growth. In 1992 Marriott International was formed due to splitting the Marriot Corporation into 2 companies. As of 2011, Marriott International has nearly 3,400 lodging properties in roughly 68 counties. JW Marriott Jr. has put Edwin D. Fuller in charge as President and Managing Director of International Lodging for Marriott International.

In 1995 Marriott International bought a 49% stake in Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. Marriott felt strongly that they could increase sales and profit margins at the troubled chain.

Marriott’s initial investment in the project was $200 million in cash and assumed Ritz-Carlton’s debt. In 1996 Marriott spent another $331 million to buy a majority interest in William Johnson’s Ritz-Carlton Atlanta.

William Johnson initially invested in The Ritz-Carlton Boston and aggressively expanded. This was seen as the perfect opportunity by Marriott to expand into the profitable timeshare market.

Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton benefited greatly, Marriott had deep pockets to grow, plus Marriott had unique user friendly reservation system. In 1998 Marriott took a 99% stake in Ritz-Carlton. Revenue from the 35 hotels Marriott operated was $1.4 billion dollars in 1999.

The second company founded in 1992 is Host Hotels and Resorts, headquartered inBethesda,Maryland. Marriott acquired the old Host International Company, which was initially founded in 1897 as the Van Noy Railway News and Hotel Company. Host Hotels and Resorts are traded on the New York Stock Exchange as HST.

In 1996 Host Marriott divided yet again, Host Marriott continues to own the lodging real estate side, but a new company Host Marriott Services Corporation, more familiarly known as HMSHost Corporation.

Traveling through any airport, one can see that this company operates airport concessions and most sporting events. In 1996 Host Marriott sold 18 Marriott Residence Inns and 16 Marriott Courtyard Hotels to focus on other business ventures in retirement communities, including Marriott Senior Living Services.

Later, in 2002, Marriott began a restructuring to focus more on Hotel ownership and management. The largest investment came in 2005 when Host Marriott decided that it would purchase 38 Hotels domestically and internationally for $4.1 billion. The seller is a well known developer Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Marriott arranged the deal so that Starwood would continue to manage the portfolio of 20 Sheraton, 13 Westins, 2 W’s, 1 St. Regis, and another luxury hotel. At the time of the accusation Host Marriott renamed to match its more robust assortment of brands.

To save time and money, a Marriott Timeshare is best bought on the secondary market.  The resale market allows people to utilize the Marriott Resorts, without the added cost of buying from the developer. This is due to the simple fact that buyers can purchase directly from a current owner. While vacationers do enjoy using their timeshare properties, they rarely take pleasure in the overblown prices and high-pressure tactics used by the resort salesmen.

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