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If you are a frequent traveler – for leisure, business or both – you have come to the right place to buy Marriott Vacation Club timeshares for thousands of dollars under retail. Since 1984, Marriott has been offering timeshares to individuals across the globe. Today, you can buy Marriott timeshares across six continents. Marriott ownerships are known as the “Cadillac of Timeshare.” Owning a timeshare allows you to pre-pay for your vacations. But only a Marriott timeshare has world-class resorts, its own Rewards Points program, and owners love the extras they receive from their Marriott Vacation Club (MVC) timeshare.

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When you choose to buy a Marriott timeshare, the experts at are here to help. Find all of the information you need by Clicking Here or entering your information on the form to the right of the screen. Our Marriott specialists will give you all of the information you need to find a timeshare that fits your schedule and your budget. We’ve helped thousands of vacationers to experience the Marriott Vacation Club getaway of a lifetime.

Save up top 60% off retail prices with the Timeshare Resale market

Once you purchase a timeshare it becomes yours. So browse through our site and find the best that Marriott has to offer. Choose from over 53 luxury resorts and pay thousands of dollars less than buying from the resort. With more than 400,000 owner families, its no wonder so many vacationers are taking advantage of the resale market. Join the most valued timeshare developer and buy, or save time and rent a Marriott timeshare from the convenience of home.

Comfort and Convenience

The spaciousness of the town homes are a major draw to owners and guests. Families love the elegant condos with extravagant decor and world-class locations. Shop from your PC or mobile device and find an oceanfront suite or a villa in the country.

Don’t let a website or salesman tell you were to vacation. Buy or rent a Marriott timeshare and travel in style. Suites generally range from 900 to 1,700 square feet. The suites are fully furnished and are equipped with contemporary kitchens, comfortable bedrooms and a private balcony.

Are you looking for a unique room that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen? Try a spacious “lock out” unit. Many 2- and 3-bedroom condos can be broken up for your convenience. These can be used as two separate weeks each year, or combines for a timeshare suite that will fit everyone with space to spare.

Although you can reserve timeshare weeks at your home resort, you are not confined to stay at that destination. What makes Marriott timeshare so special? It’s the convenience to trade in your weeks for a stay at another resort through the Marriott’s own in-house trading program.

The Benefits of Marriott Timeshare Resales

Make an investment in your lifestyle. Buy a timeshare within the Marriott Vacation Club. Become part of the one of the largest networks of luxury resorts and make an offer to buy or rent. MVC is dedicated to quality, services, and excellence. And we can find you the package that fits you schedule and your budget!

Have you been searching for a way to travel the world without the high-end prices of timeshare ownership? The resale market not only lets you save money, but as an owner, you can design you own vacation by renting additional time at your favorite Marriott destinations. Unlike a retail timeshare, you can buy directly from the owner. This eliminates commissions, as well as the high-pressure sales presentations.

Another benefit of the Marriott Vacation Club is their unique “50/50” or Every Other Year program. You can choose from a select group of resorts. Purchase 2 biennial packages at 2 different resorts. And for the price of a timeshare, one can own even years at one resort, and spend odd years at another. This way you can alternate vacation locations each year. Discover what this vast collection of resorts has to offer you!

Don’t Wait to Buy a Marriott Timeshare

Buying a Marriott timeshare has finally become an easy and affordable experience. What luxury accommodations are you looking for? Don’t squander your vacation time in an ordinary hotel room. Timeshare units can sleep up to 8 guests. With breathtaking views, and resort locations in all of the world’s top destinations, don’t wait to buy a Marriott timeshare.

 All Marriott Vacation Club suites are beautifully appointed with the latest in home entertainment. With flat screen televisions, DVD players, and everything else one would expect from a luxury home.

When you buy Marriott timeshare, you are not getting just a room; you own a deeded vacation interest with one of the world’s most established brands on hospitality. So, don’t wait. If you have not been getting the level of satisfaction from your ownership, contact, and you will be given the deed to prove it. You should not take vacations, when you can own them!

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